The company implemented the complete cycle of production, from incoming quality control of the material and obtain the required alloys to customer specifications and ending with the application of special coatings.

The vast majority of operations made on the modern manufacturers equipment. The lean manufacturing system is implemented on "Motordetal-Konotop" (an analogue of zero-defect production, created by Toyota). This fact allows the enterprise to produce products of the highest class.




The production cycle of the enterprise begins from the plots of burdening and founding. The burdening begins with the compulsory input quality control of incoming materials and alloying elements. Founding of the material is produced on the equipment of the german concern OTTO Junker.

The plot is equipped with induction furnaces with capacities from 2.5 to 10 tonnes, which allows the company to adjust the production process according to the requirements of customers with different needs.

Preparation of the burden is made on the precision measuring equipment. This fact allows to get precise parameters of alloys composition which used both in production and in the specifications of the customers.




Foundry occupies 14 000 sq. m. and specializes in spun casting. The shop is equipped by multi-station rotary-hearth machine and single-station rotary machines of spun casting. Such variability of foundry equipment allows the company to work with orders practically any volume.

The automated control system of the machines ensures stability of the technological process parameters, which eliminates the possibility of defect because of the human factor.




Mechanical and thermal processing

Machining production of "Motordetal-Konotop" consists of 12 plots with a total area of ​​     26 000 sq. m. 

Equipment of Gildemeister, Takisawa, Emco, Gehring and Nagel provides accuracy within 5 microns.

At the final stage of production, the company uses different kinds of cylinder liners processing. The inner surface of the sleeve is processed by the honing method. Depending on the order specification cylinder liners is covered by a special phosphate coating or subjected to heat treatment.





Quality control

"Motordetal-Konotop" pays special attention to the quality of products. The Quality Management Center is a specially created division which replies for compliance with the standards.

Control of the chemical composition, metallographic control and the mechanical properties of the cast iron is carried out at all stages of production, as well as in research laboratories of the The Quality Management Center

Equipment of the Quality Management Center  - instrumentation and control-measuring systems of leading world manufacturers: Struers, Baird, Siemens, Tira, Perten, Spectrolab, Olympus, Wolpert.

The quality system of the company is certified in compliance with the international standard IATF 16949:2016.