About company

Motordetal-Konotop is a well-known European specialized manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cylinder liners for internal combustion engines with more than 50-year experience and traditions.

The history of the enterprise dates back to 1943, when the machine-tractor workshop for minor repair of automobile and agricultural machinery was organized.

In 1972, after the large-scale construction and modernization, the company produced the first cylinder liner.

Later on, the company has been continuously developing, increasing production capacity, purchased equipment, opening new lines and has rightfully taken its place among the market leaders in the field of cylinder liner production.

At the moment, the structure Motordetal-Konotop consists of the following:

  • iron foundry
  • two mechanical workshops
  • auxiliary workshops

The enterprise has developed the production of more than 1500 types of liners for any automobile vehicles, ships and diesel locomotives.

  • diameter of liners: from 50 to 400 mm.
  • length: from 250 to 1100 mm.
  • weight: from 0.5 to 250 kg.

Production of the plant is based on the use of the most advanced equipment. In order to meet the highest requirements of Motordetal-Konotop’s customers, the enterprise constantly invests in modernization and development of production.

The latest high-tech equipment produced by Junker, Takisawa, Gildemeister, Gehring, Emco, Okuma, Nagel, among others, is used in the production of liners.

Motordetal-Konotop pays a lot of attention to the quality of products, which is confirmed with the certificates of international certification organization Bureau Veritas and with the trust of world’s leading engine manufacturers.

The company was certified for compliance with the following international standards:

  • IATF 16949:2016

  • ISO 14001:2015

  • ISO 45001:2018

In 2015, the plant received the diploma of the best supplier for the company Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.

Today, Motordetal-Konotop means:

  • the only company in Eastern Europe that provides mass supply of cylinder liners for engines worldwide
  • more than 800 employees
  • 70,000 sq. m. of production area
  • 60,000 tons of usable casting per year
  • 5,000,000 liners per year
  • more than 1500 types of cylinder liners
  • export to 35 countries worldwide