The company produces more than 1,500 types of cylinder liners. These include:

  • Cylinder liners for passenger cars
  • Cylinder liners for trucks
  • Cylinder liners for agricultural and specialized equipment
  • Sleeves for heat, vessel, and industrial engines
  • Sleeves for compressor remanufacturing

We produce cylinder liners of various design types:


  • wet
  • dry
  • cast-in liners


The main characteristics of cylinder liners are:


  • diameter: from 50 to 400 mm
  • length: from 250 to 1100 mm
  • weight: from 0.5 to 250 kg

More than 120 types of special cast iron are used in production. The flexibility of production allows the company to produce liners according to individual customer specifications.

A distinctive feature of Motordetal-Konotop products is the fact that 100% of the casting is produced by a centrifugal method, which ensures the best properties of material to be used in cylinder liners.

Manufactured products are delivered to customers both in the form of a semi-finished product (rough machined), and in the form of a finished product.

The inner diameter of cylinder liners is machined using the plateau honing method, which ensures the best working conditions for parts of the cylinder-piston group.

Also, upon the customer’s request, a phosphate coating can be applied to the products to improve the running-in with pistons and rings.

At present, Motordetal-Konotop manufactures cylinder liners for both the leading European engine manufacturers (ОЕМ) and suppliers of spare parts (Aftermarket).